Mela limoncella

mela limoncella

Mela limoncella is a fruit with an irregular shape, somewhere between ellipsoidal and cylindrical and it is of medium-small size; the skin is of medium thickness, yellow shading into green presenting many big and rusty lenticels. Its pulp is white, compact, juicy and aromatic with a light sour taste. Thanks to the excellent balance between acids and sugars in the pulp,  the fruit preserves very well . A characteristic of the limoncella is that it is used and transformed to produce cider. It is considered one of the best meridional apple cultivars for its excellent organoleptic character. In the Agerola area, a similar ecotype is cultivated. It is called “Limoncellona” and it has different dimensions as well as a sweeter and more aromatic taste. That is why it is in great demand on the market.