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This walk, more than others, runs through Agerola old architectural style, starts in Piazza XXIV Maggio, where is the sixteenth century, Church of the Madonna delle Grazie. A few steps away is the Church of our Lady of Loreto with a beautiful ceiling masterpiece by Mozzillo, floors and altars dating to the Baroque period and General Avitabile’s funeral mausoleum. All around are typical enclosed seventeenth century houses' courtyards and the birthplace of General Avitabile.

Up via Inserrata, this walk becomes a hiking trail that runs along the course of the Penise River, in a green valley between forests of chestnut and cave houses. You can venture along the Ring Penise path and visit the ruins of an old Bourbon gunpowder magazine, otherwise follow the course of the Penise and visit, on the main road, the Church of San Michele, whose interior houses a seventeenth century painting with Baroque frame. Resuming the walk there the Conference Centre "Mons. Andrea Gallo" newly renovated building with hand made ceramic on the wall made by arch.
Florio and Palazzetto dello Sport built on the site where once stood the ancient Carmelite monastery dedicated to St. Teresa of Avila. The path ends with return to Piazza XXIV Maggio.


length 2 km •  Difficulty: medium  starting point: Piazza XXIV Maggio, Campora