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Bomerano’s main square, is named after Captain Paolo Capasso, First World War gold medal to the memory. From here one can see Palace Acampora, one of the rare examples of high Amalfi Coast eighteenth century patrician architecture, from where starts a path made of alleys and courtyards, ancient dry stone and architectural elements of Bomerano ancient village. Here, in the summer, takes place a culinary festival event: Agerola World Music Festival, a narration that takes the visitor back in time in direct contact with the knowledge of local artisans and the tastes of local products. From Piazza Capasso starts via Pennino, the downhill road that leads to the famous Path of the Gods, you can venture along the beautiful and picturesque path that leads to Positano, or just enjoy and admire, the cave of the Biscotto and the rocky houses in the cave that perhaps began, in the Middle Ages, as cells for hermits close to the Church of St. Barbara.

Resuming the journey back, you return to Capasso square, where is the Church of St. Matthew the Apostle, dating from the sixteenth century. The church is rich in works of art, among them a XV century wooden crucifix formerly in Santa Teresa monastery in Campora and a 17th century ceiling painting of S. Matthew’s martyrdom by Paolo de Maio.


length 2,5 km • difficulty: easy • starting point: Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano