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Agerola is the land of the Gods. It is a balcony, at 600m above the sea level, on the famous Amalfi Coast, where it is easy to confuse the deep cobalt color of the sea and the boundless blue of the sky. Here the slow beat of time and the surreal dimension of the views instill heavenly sensations in the the lucky visitors' soul.

Agerola, a magic pearl cast in Mons Lactarius' mountain range, it is crossed by 60 km of lush trails, the most famous being the Path of the Gods, from which there are stunning and particularly wide-ranging sights of the landscape, >>>



Paths carved in the enchanting Amalfi Coast landscape
The famous Path of the Gods and Agerola dense and secular network of trails


Art & Culture

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We have been here for thirty centuries, and we have so much to tell you.
The Civic Museum, churches and monuments tell of a memory to cherish and pass on



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Stories, photos and videos narrating Agerola
A collection of posts, ideas and articles describing the experience of traveling to Agerola




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Discover the rich program of events , an omage to the memory of Francesco Cilea, Roberto Bracco and Salvato...






Tradition and Folklore in the streets of Agerola
Discover the events that combine tradition and folklore




A variety of local products in a unique territory
From mozzarella and Provolone del Monaco DOP to  cold cuts up to tarallo, double toasted bread and pennata  pear




Typical feasts: the flavours of our land
Many culinary events to enhance the taste buds of gourmets




The proposal  that perfectly fits your holiday
Discover offers, packages and tourist services for your stay in Agerola



Special Dishes

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Typical agerolese recipes.
A careful selection of Agerola traditional  recipes which can be easily prepared