urban trekking b3

A few meters to the right of the Madonnina del Forestiero, there is a small road which in the past, was the only connection between Bomerano and Ponte: a walk down memory lane. Here you will encounter rare plants but also architectural elements dating back to the Middle Ages, such as rocky steps or the old bridge that crosses a river, on whose shores are caves and prehistoric traces which evoke unparalleled sensations in the visitor. After a short distance the path reaches the road, continue to the right to visit the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari, in Ponte, with an altarpiece by Vaccaro. On leaving the church, continue on the uphill road, after a few hundred meters, turn in an alley, in the shadow of the town cemetery walls, then cross the old Bomerano bridge, reach Piazza Captain Paolo Capasso, First World War gold medal to the memory. Here you can visit the Church of St. Matthew the Apostle, and nearby, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, dating from the seventeenth century. The walk ends back to the piazzetta Madonnina del Forestiero.


length 2,3 km • difficulty: medium  • starting point: Piazzetta Madonnina del Forestiero, Bomerano