Colonia montana Park

The breathtaking panorama of the Amalfi Coast is visible all the way along the uphill road that , from piazza General Avitabile, leads to the entrance of the park of  former Colonia Montana. Three acres of green park placed like a terrace on the Coast and from which you can admire all Agerola, with the imposing Monte Tre Pizzi. The viewpoint is located at the point where once stood General Avitabile’s palace, on whose ruins the Colonia Montana "Prince of Naples" was built between 1937 and 1939, it was used, under the Fascist regime,  as a summer camp for youth. There are two impressive works of art in the famous futurist sculptor Eros Pellini, known as the Royal Air Force and the Alpine Corps. Recommended a walk up to the end of the park behind the former infirmary, from where is visible  the Fjord of Furore, a narrow stretch of water, at the mouth of canyon cliffs, created by the ongoing work of the Schiato stream that from Agerola runs along the mountain until it  bounds into the sea.