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An imposing evergreen oak seems to stand as guard to what remains of General Avitabile Castle’s stables. On the entrance portal the motto “O Blessed Solitude, O Sole Beatitude", enough, however, to get an idea of what should have been the palace built by this adventurer demolished during the fascist period. The walk is inspired by the historical figure of General Paolo Avitabile (1791-1850). From the square named in his honor, down Via Miramare you reach Punta San Lazzaro lookout, whose lovely view and the blue line of the horizon inspired one of Salvatore Di Giacomo masterpieces, the famous lyric "Luna di Agerola". Breathtaking panorama of the Amalfi Coast and Punta Campanella along the road uphill to the entrance of the Colonia Montana Park: three acres of green park like a terrace on the Coast and from which you can admire all Agerola. At the center once stood General Avitabile’s palace, on whose ruins was built between 1937 and 1939, the Colonia Montana "Prince of Naples". Imposing the two bas-reliefs of the famous futurist sculptor Eros Pellini. The circuit ends with return to the streets in San Lazzaro.


length 1,8 km  difficulty: easy  starting point: Piazza General Avitabile, S. Lazzaro