urban trekking b2

From Piazza Capasso you reach Via Casalone. Start to walk uphill to gaze at a beautiful panorama: glimpses of the bright light of the sun, which insinuates itself between the green vegetation and is reflected in the blue color of the sea, a beautiful landscape that along the Path of the Gods goes all the way to the Faraglioni of Capri. The journey requires a first stop at the point where the view overlooking Praiano is caressed by a permanent gentle puff of scented air, so as recite Maestro Esposito poetic notes. The climate and the landscape become the dominant elements in a walk that ends in the green equipped Corona Park area. A park fit for family, fully immersed in the green: playground and picnic area, but also a relaxing walk on a path lined with chestnut and the blue line of the horizon that can be seen from the scenic viewpoint overlooking the entire Amalfi Coast. Walking downhill, on the main road, the Disturbing Flower, a sculpture by the maestro Mario Persico. Continue visiting first the Church of St. Lawrence Martyr, dating back to 1300, the time of Queen Giovanna I of Anjou, and then the Church of All Saints of the twelfth century, in which is preserved a Madonna with Child fresco and a seventeenth century Regolia masterpiece.

The path ends back in P. Capasso square.


Length 3 km  • Difficulty: medium  Starting point: Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano