Ethno-antropological museum

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The museum was created to preserve a minor memory made of small everyday objects.

This place represents the will and the dreams of men who have collected and stored over a lifetime memories curious objects, that illustrate, very profoundly, a bygone era. It wants to be a tribute to the work of our ancestors through an extensive review of equipment used for many generations in different work activities. The Museum intends to tell the story of Agerola as the land that smells of must and chestnuts, of firewood or wood to be worked. Where the twinkle of iron wrought by skilled hands and the warmth of the kitchen where everything is poetry creates the expectation of a long journey.


The most valuable artifact

The Processional Cross, by an unknown silversmith from the area, is a double-sided cross in silver and gilded silver dating from the third quarter of the fifteenth century. The work, which follows the typical rules of the Middle Ages, it is appreciated for the quality of the micro-sculptures that adorn it, as the tiny plastic on its backside: the Madonna and Child in the center, and the symbols of the Four Evangelists, on its arms.

                                             casa della corte