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A unique feeling, a unique emotion, an unforgettable experience .....
again this year, in the second edition of Agerola On the Path of the Gods Festival of Upper Amalfi Coast.

Theater, cabaret, classical, world and folk music for all tastes, following the path set by last year’s magnificent edition, on the footsteps of tradition, memory, elegance and simplicity combined with the brio of the fresh and sparkling evenings you’ll spend with us. Because this is Agerola, a mix of shapes and colors, an exciting journey through time, a lane that is a path to discover and live in complete harmony with nature and food.

Because Agerola is the blue sky one touches with a finger when looking further up towards the moon that inspired Salvatore Di Giacomo, or in the silence that enchanted Francesco Cilea, or in the paths that surprised Roberto Bracco.

The three prestigious awards which in last year’s edition were conferred to Nicola Piovani, Carlo Croccolo and Giancarlo Giannini, this year will be granted to three artists, immortal keepers of our culture.

Three other great artists will be honored with our 2013 edition awards, while you’ll be lulled by the supreme music of most famous orchestras, by the words and stories of important actors and by clever musicians of our folk tradition.

Because Agerola is a sweet note while watching the sea, a mermaid who dances coloring the sky with stars, a fruit with a unique flavor that you’ll never tire of tasting.

Because Agerola is specially Agerola.





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