Running on paths shaded by the majesty of the Tre Pizzi with the eyes set on the Isle of Capri or on Positano's sea reflected luminosity, all of this means to relish the Paths of the Gods.

Length: 8 Km - Walking time: 2 h

Starting point:
Località “Scialli”, via Radicosa
San Lazzaro 750 s.l.m.
Località “Li Galli”, via Cavallo
Pianillo 890 s.l.m. 
Height difference: from San Lazzaro +500/-400

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In Piazza Unità d'Italia (former Town Hall square), is the old town hall, recently restored and renamed the Court House. The historic building now houses the city council chamber, the historic section of the city library and spaces and it is used for the artistic Agerolaarte exhibitions. In the same building there is the Ethno-Anthropological Museum, a significant space in which are stored all the symbols of Agerola historical memory. This urban route is characterized by its strong historical meaning, from the Museum and onto a narrow road that runs through the historic Via Roma street, one arrives at the thirteenth century St. Peter the Apostle Church. Inside a chapel that houses the statue of St. Anthony, Agerola’s patron saint, and eighteenth and nineteenth centuries works of art. Leaving the church, going back a few steps, a typical country lane begins in a portico, then continues lined with orchards and vineyards, up to the Church of Santa Maria La Manna, with a precious marble statue. Continue down to the junction and walk along Via Croce, the ancient road connecting the two villages of Pianillo and Santa Maria, which still retains traces of rural architecture and along which you can see the façade of the church of Santa Croce, dating to the seventeenth century. The path ends back in Piazza Unità d'Italia.


length 1,5 km difficulty: medium starting point: Piazza Unità d'Italia, Pianillo




In the square named after General Avitabile stands the Baroque style Church of SS. Annunziata, with cross vaults typical of the Amalfi Coast, with wooden statues and paintings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, a beautiful double-face Middle Ages marble cross and a Roman times stack of holy water. On leaving the church, turn right towards Via Miramare leading up to the Punta di San Lazzaro, with breathless views. Turning back, take to the right, via Radicosa that leads uphill to the ruins of the Maritime Republics bulwark Castle Lauritano, set in one of most beautiful and evocative settings in the world. The panorama from this balcony takes in, in one view, Amalfi Scala, Ravello up to Punta Licosa in the Cilento. The circuit ends back to the main road in San Lazzaro.

length 2 km  difficulty: easy  starting point: Piazza General Avitabile, S. Lazzaro.



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An imposing evergreen oak seems to stand as guard to what remains of General Avitabile Castle’s stables. On the entrance portal the motto “O Blessed Solitude, O Sole Beatitude", enough, however, to get an idea of what should have been the palace built by this adventurer demolished during the fascist period. The walk is inspired by the historical figure of General Paolo Avitabile (1791-1850). From the square named in his honor, down Via Miramare you reach Punta San Lazzaro lookout, whose lovely view and the blue line of the horizon inspired one of Salvatore Di Giacomo masterpieces, the famous lyric "Luna di Agerola". Breathtaking panorama of the Amalfi Coast and Punta Campanella along the road uphill to the entrance of the Colonia Montana Park: three acres of green park like a terrace on the Coast and from which you can admire all Agerola. At the center once stood General Avitabile’s palace, on whose ruins was built between 1937 and 1939, the Colonia Montana "Prince of Naples". Imposing the two bas-reliefs of the famous futurist sculptor Eros Pellini. The circuit ends with return to the streets in San Lazzaro.


length 1,8 km  difficulty: easy  starting point: Piazza General Avitabile, S. Lazzaro





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