Amalfi Coast Trail


In October, the trailer will compete on the scenic trails and around Agerola facing a total of 5 stages, 85 km and 6800 meters of elevation gain. The stages will offer a selection of the best courses available in Amalfi, from 1,450 meters of Monte San Michele at sea level, with spectacular transition to the Fjord of Furore, not to mention the "Path of the Gods" that connects Positano into the lush.

Amalfi Coast Off Road


Trail of the Gods

Up and down the Path of the Gods
31 May 2015
Trail 16 km / 1700 meters D+ / 1700 meters D-









Amalfi Positano UltraTrail

50km between Lattari Mountains
31 May 2015
Race 50,2 km / 4250 meters D+ / 4250 meters D- (ITRA certyfication)






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