Salami di Agerola


In Agerola pigs are raised on natural products such as corn, bran and acorns; it’s with the best parts of these pigs, such as the filet and the shoulders, that the salame di Agerola is produced. A tasty meat with a very ancient tradition. To obtain it, the meats are cut in very small pieces, salted and seasoned with black pepper. It is then hand mixed and left to rest for a few hours in bowls with holes to allow the water to trickle out. The next phase is the shaping, this is a particularity also since it uses the largest intestine of the pig, washed and aromatized 24 hours in a solution of water, salt and citrus fruits skins before the use, and then hand filled with the mixture pressed in a cloth. While the meat is shaped, small cubes of dorsal fat are inserted with to make the product softer and tastier. At the end of the shaping, holes are pierced in the meat with a big pin and the meat is tied with cord like a net to press it more. In the end it is hung from wood or cane structures and left to dry for about a month.