caciotta capra

The Lattari Mountains constitute the ridge of the Sorrentino Peninsula between the Province of Naples and Salerno. They have been defined already by ancient Romans: Montes Lactarii, that means rich in milk, because of numerous goats of the “Neapolitan” race, producers of excellent milk, that are bred in this area. Even today the Neapolitan goats, although dying out, graze in a semi-wild manner in the Lattari Mountains, producing a quality milk, used to produce  the goat caciotta of the Lattari Mountains, a cheese produced by many generations . This caciotta is fresh or matured for a short time, it is not excessively fragrant and it is characterized by a very delicate and sweet flavor, ideal as filling for fresh pasta and it can be eaten with salami or vegetables. It is produced in various sizes, from 400g to 1kg, in forms that remind of a truncated cone or a double truncated cone and it is appreciated not only for its typical taste, fresh and natural, but also for its particular lightness and its low calorie content.